Friday, 20 May 2011

Abandoned,hit by a car,left on the side of the road, Coffee had the strength to pull through all that, now all she needs is a loving home

It takes someone so special to care for a disabled dog, could you be Coffee's Angel?
Coffee's Story: Last year, in spring, my father found a dog on the edge of a road. She had been hit by a car and she was not able to move. He took her to our place, called a vet that gave her some pills and that was all. The vet said that she will recover by herself. He did not make her any tests, nothing. I was gone with a scholarship in Belgium at that time. My father takes care of another 50 dogs and he is working in the same time. So he put her in a cage for she still couldn’t walk so she wasn’t able to stay or eat with the other dogs. After one month, when I came back home, she was felling really bad. I took her in my home (I don’t have a yard, I live in an apartment with another 2 stray dogs and a cat) and I took her to the doctor in my university. They told me that the only good thing to do was to euthanise her. I couldn’t accept that so I kept her for 3 months in my home, healing her wounds, until I found another vet in Bucharest that said we might have a chance if we operate her. So I took her to Bucharest, Dr. Gaita from Ortovet, who is a wonderful person, operated her but he couldn’t do anything. He amputated her one leg too. So she still cant walk and she can’t control herself when she urinates. I couldn’t afford to keep her in my home, because I already have 3 animals and I stay in school form 8 am till 6 pm, so I took her back to my father’s place. But he doesn’t have the time to stay with her all day long and she can’t stay in a wheeler more than 15-30 min because she gets tired and she wants to lay down, so she stay without the wheeler and she crawls on the floor. Because of that she hurts herself all the time, we keep healing her wounds but she gets new ones all the time. please, please help me find a home for her. she is currently in Romania.

If you could be the Angel Coffee needs please Click here to contact the people who for now are watching over her. Previous experience with disabled dogs would be preferable, but don't let that put you off. If you can offer Coffee a home, do get in touch.

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